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Submit Your Selfie

Selfie Contest Time! We’re looking for fun photos of our Crown Point team at work, interacting with each other, interacting with our guests, demonstrating Crown Point customer service and having fun at work! How to enter the contest:

1. Snap a photo of yourself and your co-workers with your phone or camera.

2. Send it to Michelle Stephens: text 806.239.5094 or mstephens@crownpointhealth.com

3. The best photos submitted will win a prize. The better the photos, the better the prize!

4. Be creative and have fun!!

Disclaimer: By sending in your photo, you agree to have your photo used on Crown Point’s Facebook page and other marketing materials.  All guests sign a HIPAA consent form upon admission, allowing us to take their photos. If you take a photo with a guest, please ask them first if it is OK to use their photo in marketing. If they say “no”, respect their wishes and please do not take their photo! Do not use guest photos in your personal social media, as this is a HIPAA violation.

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