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Gabriel Estrada – Certified Medication Aide


I am from Meadow, Texas and attended South Plains College to become a Certified Medication Aide. I am also a Personal Care Attendant, which means I personally take care of our guest’s needs while they are here. I think South Plains is a great school with a great program. My career in health care began in 2007 and have been in the industry ever since. My decision to become a CMA was because I love to help people.

I dispense medication at Crown Point so I get to meet a lot of different people. I am very interested in knowing where our Guests are from, especially if they are from a small town, because I came from a small town. It is interesting to me to hear their stories and learn about their experiences.

I decided to work at Crown Point because I had heard that they were really good and very professional. I applied here, they gave me a job and I am grateful for it. I enjoy working with everyone here because they are very friendly and very family oriented. Working at Crown Point has enriched my career because I have learned more about medication and have learned a lot from different nurses.

If you are thinking about working at Crown Point, but can’t make the decision, I would say “do it” because at Crown Point we are more like a family than just coming to work. It’s a lot of fun. I love working with my nurses and I love working with the guests.

I would like to say “thank you” to our guests because we appreciate them. All of our guests always leave happy and come back if they need us. We are very professional, and we are going to treat you like your family. Here at Crown Point we are going to do whatever we need to do to get you well and get you back home.

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