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Elizabeth Rainbolt, Program Director of Therapy

featured_Elizabeth Rainbolt

Program Director of Therapy, Elizabeth Rainbolt, was drawn to Crown Point Health Suites because of the unique setup of the facility, and the high number of therapists on staff.

“I love the variety of therapists I get to work with,” Rainbolt said, “and that the facility is setup like home; it makes our patients so happy.”

Rainbolt has worked in geriatrics her entire career, and said she cannot imagine doing anything different. In school, Rainbolt had imagined a different career path than the one she is on now, but her first job in a long term care hospital changed her mindset.

“It kind of grows on you, once you start doing it,” said Rainbolt. “Then you realize the rewarding experiences that you have and you appreciate it.”

Crown Point is opening a new house which will mean expanding on its staff. Rainbolt said it is one of her goals to maintain Crown Point’s reputation as the premiere rehabilitation facility in Lubbock.

“Our nurse to patient ratio is so high that the quality of care is so different here than anywhere else I have ever been,” Rainbolt said. “It is our high quality care and staff that will maintain our reputation.”

Rainbolt is excited for the expansion and the opportunities to come.

“It is important for the staff to know I am approachable and that I care about what goes on with the patients and them,” Rainbolt said. “I care about getting the job done, but having a supportive work environment is important too.”

Congratulations to Elizabeth Rainbolt on being Featured Member of the Month at Crown Point Health Suites for June 2012.

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