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Alvi Joe Rivere – Chef – Sapphire House


Aj Rivere is a Chef here at Crown Point as well as a Lubbock native, husband, and father to two children. After obtaining his degree from Tech in Restaurant and Hotel Management, he decided to pursue his passion further by attending the Art Institute in Houston. He received his culinary art degree and began working in the industry he loved. Now he is a licensed chef who has been working in the food industry for 27 years. His experiences have enabled him to bring a lot to the table in providing delicious meals for guests here at Crown Point.

He understands that a good meal is always something to be valued and takes pride in his ability to serve others. “I got in to this industry and people say your crazy because you give up holidays, nights, and weekends. But I get a lot of enjoyment out of people saying they enjoy the food and it tastes good. I know people look forward to it.” He knows that food makes many people happy and he enjoys being apart of that happiness.

He works hard in instilling a balanced menu for guests and keeping up with state inspection qualifications. He says, “I like working here because the people are great, and it’s gratifying, it’s a challenge.” Rivere understands that people here are usually recovering and by providing the best quality meals that he can, it is his way of helping.

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