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Lisa Tapia – Housekeeping


I am from Hobbs, New Mexico and have been with Crown Point for almost two years. I am on the housekeeping team. I’ve done many other things before this, but this is my first time working in this field. I learned about this job because I had a sister who was a PCA at Crown Point. At the time I needed a job and they needed extra hands, and I have been here ever since.

I chose to work at Crown Point because it’s very homey, clean and comfortable. The people are great and fun to be around. It’s like a home away from home for the residents. The therapy, activities, and attention you receive from Crown Point prepare you to go home quicker and get back to your daily routine.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know the residents here. If you open up to them, they’ll open up to you. My title is housekeeping, but my job doesn’t stop there. I do whatever I can to make sure our guests are completely comfortable and have everything they need. If it’s getting them a cup of coffee, getting them a deck of cards, or if they’re needing help putting their shoes on, whatever they need I’ll do it. The residents make me very grateful to be here, and we are always sad to see them go home.
I have many special memories of the residents during my time here at Crown Point. You truly develop a close relationship with them. I can recall several special guests with amazing stories. Working with the staff and residents here is what has made this an extremely rewarding job.

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