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Josh Mouser – Personal Care Attendant


I am from McAllen, Texas and started in the healthcare industry in February 2008. I attended a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) program to become a PCA. It was a four-week program and was a good experience.

I felt that being a CNA was a good place for me to start in the healthcare industry. At Crown Point, you’re always surrounded by therapists, nurses and doctors. Being around them allows you to gain experience. I recommend that anyone try to get experience in various areas of healthcare such as a hospital, nursing home or rehab center.

I came to Crown Point because I’d heard so many good things and that they offer great opportunities and benefits. Honestly, I figured it’d be a blessing if I got a job at Crown Point. The people are my favorite part of working here. I get to see Guests get better and go home. That’s when you know that everybody at Crown Point did their best to make a difference in that person’s life. I have so many people that say ‘thank you’ to me all the time, and then they recommend us to people they know.

Working at Crown Point has shown me what I want to do. I’ve only been here a few months but I know that I would really like to become an RN because it would offer me a lot of experience. Crown Point is a very good first step for the rest of my career.

If you are thinking about becoming a Guest at Crown Point I would say that it’d be the best experience for you. You’ll definitely benefit from it. Go Crown Point!


I am from Meadow, Texas and attended South Plains College to become a Certified Medication Aide. I am also a Personal Care Attendant, which means I personally take care of our guest’s needs while they are here. I think South Plains is a great school with a great program. My career in health care began in 2007 and have been in the industry ever since. My decision to become a CMA was because I love to help people.

I dispense medication at Crown Point so I get to meet a lot of different people. I am very interested in knowing where our Guests are from, especially if they are from a small town, because I came from a small town. It is interesting to me to hear their stories and learn about their experiences.

I decided to work at Crown Point because I had heard that they were really good and very professional. I applied here, they gave me a job and I am grateful for it. I enjoy working with everyone here because they are very friendly and very family oriented. Working at Crown Point has enriched my career because I have learned more about medication and have learned a lot from different nurses.

If you are thinking about working at Crown Point, but can’t make the decision, I would say “do it” because at Crown Point we are more like a family than just coming to work. It’s a lot of fun. I love working with my nurses and I love working with the guests.

I would like to say “thank you” to our guests because we appreciate them. All of our guests always leave happy and come back if they need us. We are very professional, and we are going to treat you like your family. Here at Crown Point we are going to do whatever we need to do to get you well and get you back home.


Born and raised in the Lubbock area, I wanted to be a nurse ever since I was little. Working as a charge nurse in the Ruby house I am able to be the eyes and ears of the floor and it’s a responsibility that I enjoy. I started in the healthcare industry as a CNA when I was 17 years old, and during that time I worked for a nursing home while attending South Plains College.

The atmosphere Crown Point provided here is warm and hospitable; that along with the great group of people working here makes me look forward to the workdays. Its great because it has a family owned vibe which brings a sence of closeness between the staff, employees, and guests who are here. Working here has been such a positive thing. I have been able to do what I love and my different experiences in short-term care here have helped me grow as a nurse.

My favorite thing about working here is that I can see the role I play in the guest’s recovery. I can watch them get better and be able to walk out of here, and that has been a feeling I have felt like no other. It’s a great experience; geriatrics is my thing so I’ll stick with it.


Aj Rivere is a Chef here at Crown Point as well as a Lubbock native, husband, and father to two children. After obtaining his degree from Tech in Restaurant and Hotel Management, he decided to pursue his passion further by attending the Art Institute in Houston. He received his culinary art degree and began working in the industry he loved. Now he is a licensed chef who has been working in the food industry for 27 years. His experiences have enabled him to bring a lot to the table in providing delicious meals for guests here at Crown Point.

He understands that a good meal is always something to be valued and takes pride in his ability to serve others. “I got in to this industry and people say your crazy because you give up holidays, nights, and weekends. But I get a lot of enjoyment out of people saying they enjoy the food and it tastes good. I know people look forward to it.” He knows that food makes many people happy and he enjoys being apart of that happiness.

He works hard in instilling a balanced menu for guests and keeping up with state inspection qualifications. He says, “I like working here because the people are great, and it’s gratifying, it’s a challenge.” Rivere understands that people here are usually recovering and by providing the best quality meals that he can, it is his way of helping.


As an Amarillo native, fairly new to Lubbock‚ I couldn’t ask for a better team or a better place to work. My team is what makes my job‚ the charge nurse of Sapphire House‚ possible.

My favorite part about working at Crown Point is the time I get to spend with our guests. They make all of my efforts worthwhile.

I have 7 years of nursing experience‚ and plan on going back to school to finish my RN degree in the spring. Crown Point has been a life-changing experience; and I’m grateful they are letting me finish my degree while continuing to work here.

Teamwork is what makes working at Crown Point unique, and I’m very fortunate to be a part of this winning team.


A pinch of salt, a little seasoning, and a lot of love creates the perfect home-made dish for our guests. As a chef at Crown Point, my overall goal is to create pleasure for my guests; and let them know they are cared for with good food.

When I was two years-old, I discovered what it felt like to be in a kitchen; and 40 years later I’m still excited to be

serving the best dishes to my guests, and to see the smiles on their faces. It was my brother, Tom, who introduced me to Crown Point. The opportunity to combine being a nurse and a chef was how I knew Crown Point was the perfect place for me. I love the fact that our guests have a choice in their daily meals, from our unique all-day menu, as well as the daily buffet.

I take pride in all of my dishes. Everything I make is home-made. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a smile on my guests’ faces.


Crown Point’s unique environment drew me in. I believe that its environment is what other rehabilitation facilities are striving to become; so why not come work for the best?

I was recruited by a nurse liaison in July of last year, and I have really enjoyed the time I have spent here. It is such a great place, and I feel so fortunate to work with such a great team.

I am the clinical coordinator, so I oversee the patient care and nursing department. I have always enjoyed working in long-term care facilities because of the relationships you build with guests, which is so true here for Crown Point.

We have a talented and caring staff that makes guests feel welcome. Patient care is important to Crown Point and myself, which is one of my favorite things about working here. We give guests more one-on-one time and our therapy department is unmatched.

Our facility is expanding, so I am looking forward to training new staff members for our future guests. Crown Point has made such great strides to becoming Lubbock’s premiere rehabilitation facility, and we are only getting started.

featured_Elizabeth Rainbolt

Program Director of Therapy, Elizabeth Rainbolt, was drawn to Crown Point Health Suites because of the unique setup of the facility, and the high number of therapists on staff.

“I love the variety of therapists I get to work with,” Rainbolt said, “and that the facility is setup like home; it makes our patients so happy.”

Rainbolt has worked in geriatrics her entire career, and said she cannot imagine doing anything different. In school, Rainbolt had imagined a different career path than the one she is on now, but her first job in a long term care hospital changed her mindset.

“It kind of grows on you, once you start doing it,” said Rainbolt. “Then you realize the rewarding experiences that you have and you appreciate it.”

Crown Point is opening a new house which will mean expanding on its staff. Rainbolt said it is one of her goals to maintain Crown Point’s reputation as the premiere rehabilitation facility in Lubbock.

“Our nurse to patient ratio is so high that the quality of care is so different here than anywhere else I have ever been,” Rainbolt said. “It is our high quality care and staff that will maintain our reputation.”

Rainbolt is excited for the expansion and the opportunities to come.

“It is important for the staff to know I am approachable and that I care about what goes on with the patients and them,” Rainbolt said. “I care about getting the job done, but having a supportive work environment is important too.”

Congratulations to Elizabeth Rainbolt on being Featured Member of the Month at Crown Point Health Suites for June 2012.

featured Rachel Morales

After working 19 years at a nursing home in Lubbock, I was ready for change of pace and a challenge.
I was drawn to Crown Point because it was completely new to me. I knew it was the future, and I wanted to make sure I was part of the beginning.

Crown Point’s guidelines are unlike that of other nursing homes. Guests are given more choices in their specific diet of what to eat, which I think gives our facility a more of a home-type feeling.

We have a talented and caring staff that makes guests feel welcome. Patient care is important to Crown Point and myself, which is one of my favorite things about working here. We give guests more one-on-one time and our therapy department is unmatched.

One of my favorite aspects of working at Crown Point is I am able to be creative and work with the chefs to build a diverse menu. I am working on new ideas to further advance what we have going, and so far it has been an eye-opening experience.

I also really enjoy all of our different guests. They all have such interesting lives, and I always look for forward to listening to them.

featured Nancy Riojas

I started working in long term care in 1989, at the age of 24. I first started working in medical records and central supplies and eventually worked my way up to Assistant Administrator in 1992, which is a position I still hold today. Additional duties are Human Resource Manager and Admissions Manager, these position really allow me the opportunity to meet our guest and their families as well as employees from the beginning.

I have enjoyed every aspect of every job that I have learned about long term and short term care and can honestly say that over the past 22 years this type of work has grown to be my true passion.

I am the clinical coordinator, so I oversee the patient care and nursing department. I have always enjoyed working in long-term care facilities because of the relationships you build with guests, which is so true here for Crown Point.

I am blessed to have a spouse and two beautiful boys who are very proud to know that I am part of team that can make a difference in the lives of those who have chosen to come to Crown Point Health Suites for their recovery and health care needs.

I have worked for the current owners for the last 12 years and feel very grateful that they have allowed me to be part of this new culture changing concept, a home like environment that allows those that come here to feel like they’re at a place that’s a home away from home.

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