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Featured 24k Team Member

  • Jose de la Cerda- PCA


    Jose de la Cerda has a calming, comforting effect on each person he encounters. As a Personal Care Assistant in Diamond House, he comes to work every day solely focused on the guests in his care.

    “Every day I come to work and try to get to know the guests personally, to bond with them,” he said. “I want them to know they are appreciated and I want them to feel comfortable here.  If I can gain their trust and make them comfortable, I know I’ve made a difference.”

    After earning a medical assistant degree from Kaplan College, Jose worked in nursing facilities in Lubbock before joining the Crown Point team.

    “From the day I was hired, it’s been an honor to work here,” Jose said. “We have good staff. They face challenges every day and support each other.”

    When he’s not dedicating his time caring for the guests at Crown Point, Jose spends his time raising his two young sons and is a serious Hot Wheels aficionado.  He has more than 1500 Hot Wheels still in the packaging! While others may look at two Hot Wheels side-by-side and think they are identical, Jose’s skilled eye can detect subtle differences in the tiny vehicles that signify rare finds and valuable collector’s editions. His favorite Hot Wheel in his collection is a “Treasure Hunt” ’65 Impala.

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